Top 10 Popular Indian Snacks in Chicago, USA

Top 10 Popular Indian Snacks in Chicago, USA

Posted on August 19, 2022 by Turmerica

The windy city, Chicago, is known across the world for its diverse food delicacies, but one certain cuisine that has gained mass popularity over the last few decades is Indian snacks. They are very well-liked here. With the Indian restaurant business very prominent in Chicago, nowadays you can easily get a hold of these iconic Indian snacks. Here are some of the famous Indian snacks you must try in Chicago.

1. Samosa
Samosa needs no introduction. Samosa is a fan-favourite. This triangular crunchy snack generally comes with stuffed potato, peas, other finely cut vegetables, and different spices but you can also get some good non-vegetarian samosas with stuffed minced meats. The snack is generally served with either mint, coriander chutney, or tamarind chutney.

2. Vada Pav
Originating in the big, rat-race city of Mumbai, Vada Pav is another very popular quick snack amongst Indians. Also known as Bombay Burger, vada pav is a deep-fried potato patty between a loaf of bread. Sounds simple but delivers complex, lip-smacking flavors.

3. Misal Pav
Another favorite Maharashtrian snack, the Misal Pav takes your taste buds on a flavourful adventure. Misal is a curry made out of moth beans and is topped with some onions, tomato, and sev. The Pav which is bread/bun is usually dipped in the curry and eaten. The dish is generally on the very spicy side but you can easily ask for the dish to be made a little less spicy.

4. Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji also originated from the streets of Mumbai. This fast food dish consists of thick vegetable curry and pav, i.e bread. Just like the misal pav, the real magic is the curry which is a blend of strong flavors.

5. Panipuri
Ask any Indian street food lover their favorite dish and most of them will put Panipuri in their top 3. The puri is stuffed with boiled potato or chickpeas and dipped in a tangy watery liquid. A massively popular quick snack in India, Panipuri is a must-try.

6. Bhel Puri
A perfect mingle between spicy, savory, and sweet, the Bhel Puri is another very famous chaat dish. The snack consists of puffed rice, sev, onions, and potato topped with some good chaat masala and/ or chutney.

7. Kachori
Across India, there are different variations of the Kachori. Some have it soft, some crunchy, and some with certain toppings but generally kachori is a deep-fried pastry stuffed with moong dal (yellow lentils). You can top the snack with either some chutney or even yogurt.

8. Dhokla
Originating in the state of Gujarat, Dhokla is sort of a steamed savory cake. Fluffy and soft in texture, the dish is made from fermented gram batter, served with spicy green chutney, and garnished with coriander.

9. Dabeli
Dabeli is another snack to come out of Gujarat. The dish consists of potato filling inside of a bun but the main catch here is the Dabeli masala. Garnished with some fresh vegetables, roasted peanuts, and also pomegranate, Dabeli is a unique dish that you must try.

10. Masala Papad
Served usually as a starter in restaurants, the masala papad can also be had as a quick snack. Roasted or fried papad/papadum topped with some finely cut tomato, onion, coriander, and sev mixture.

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