Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago, USA

Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago, USA

Posted on August 1, 2022 by Turmerica

With a large population of Indian-Americans, Chicago is considered the Indian Dining capital of the United States. So, if you stay here and are in the mood for spicy and tasty Indian food, here are some of the best Indian restaurants in this culturally diverse city.

1. Udupi Palace
Starting the list with the cuisine that everyone just loves, Udupi Palace serves some of the best South Indian dishes in Chicago. Located in the heart of Devon Avenue a.k.a Little India, Udupi Palace is the go-to place if you are craving some lip-smacking good South Indian classics. From idlis and vadas to dosas and uthappams, this place serves authentic fare. For those who are hungry, they should try the curries. Udupi Palace has a simple setting and friendly ambiance, encapsulating true South Indian cultural essence.

2. Arya Bhavan
Another popular restaurant located on Devon Avenue is the homely Arya Bhavan. Very commonly known for its all-vegan and gluten-free menu options, Arya Bhavan invites customers to a healthy and nourishing eating experience. You can choose from a wide range of richly flavourful traditional Indian and well-balanced fusion cuisine that is freshly prepared using a careful mix of Indian ayurvedic spices.
Other than the classic snacks and South Indian dishes that they serve, they also have some options in organic biryani and gravy. Malai kofta, bhindi masala, baingan bharta, and dal makhani are some of the favorites that will get your taste buds tingling. Also, try the special Masala ginger tea.

3. Turmerica India
Indian snacks have always been a favorite among not only Indians but also people worldwide. The blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors and the unique textures is simply why Indian snack stalls attract the masses. Turmerica is the home of authentic Indian cuisines and flavors. And with its motto to make local Indian food items prominent in the United States of America, the restaurant has curated a special menu for Indian cuisine lovers. From the appetizing Indian breakfast dishes to the variety of snacks and chaats prepared following the traditional recipes to the soup satisfying Indian beverages and desserts, Turmerica looks to take you on a journey of true Indian flavor deliciousness.

4. Uru-Swati
The well-versed owners of Uru-Swati have been in the Chicago restaurant industry since the early 1990s. The other restaurant they own, Raj Darbar is a very famous, award-winning restaurant that is highly recognized across the city. While Raj Darbar is famed for its tandoori dishes, Uru-Swati specializes in delicious vegetarian food.
With its tagline of “Healing through food”, this restaurant prides itself on serving pure, flavorsome Indian cuisine. Try the special Shrikhand Puri with Undhiyu, which is basically sweet yogurt and puffed bread with potato and mixed vegetable casserole alongside, a very famous dish in the Indian state of Gujarat.

5. Annapurna Simply Vegetarian
Once again catering to the vegan and vegetarian masses, Annapurna Simply Vegetarian restaurant is another prominent restaurant in Chicago. Why prominent? Firstly, it’s 4 decades of existence and secondly, it’s delicious Indian food. This family-run business establishment started way back in 1982 and through the years has stayed true to serving traditional Indian cuisine. Annapurna literally means “perfect food” and that is exactly what the restaurant offers.

There’s nothing better than having delicious and spicy Indian food while staring into the sun setting over the Chicago skyline. So, try these places today!

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