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About Us

Who we are

Located in Schaumburg, Chicago's upcoming suburb for vegetarian food, Turmerica India is the home of authentic, local Indian flavors & vegetarian cuisine. We bring you a special menu of delicious foods that will tantalize your taste buds, and take you on a flavorful journey of India. Visit us today for a tasty, healthy, and memorable meal.

Our speciality

Authentic vegetarian food from India. We serve you true flavors from the real, local India and serve you authentic breakfast staples, snacks, chaats, desserts, hot & cold beverages, fruit juices, and milkshakes. We also bring you famed dishes from Mumbai like Wadapav and Misal Pav that will take you to the streets of Mumbai. Each dish is a creation of love that delivers satisfaction to the palate.

Latest blog posts/news

11 Sep

Where to Eat Vegetarian Indian Food in Chicago, USA

Of course, there are many Indian vegetarian restaurants all over Chicago, but these places have a cluster of the best giving you the luxury of having many choices. Visit them today and have a great time!

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19 Aug

Top 10 Popular Indian Snacks in Chicago, USA

Experience all of these snacks and more in Turmerica India. It is fast gaining popularity to become one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Chicago, USA.

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01 Aug

Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago, USA

There’s nothing better than having delicious and spicy Indian food while staring into the sun setting over the Chicago skyline. So, try these places today!

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