Where to Eat Vegetarian Indian Food in Chicago, USA

Where to Eat Vegetarian Indian Food in Chicago, USA

Posted on September 11, 2022 by Turmerica

Chicago, the largest city in the state of Illinois is home to one of the largest overseas Indian populations in the world. Even though the city is well known for its pizzas, Chicago is considered to be the Indian dining capital in the US and over the years Indian food has become a popular go-to among the Chicago folk. You will find Indian restaurants or food stalls in almost every neighborhood but here are some of the best places to have good Indian food in Chicago.

1. Devon Avenue
Devon Avenue also famously known as “Little India” is a must-visit for Indian food. Stepping into Devon Avenue is like stepping into a completely different city. You will be greeted by a mixture of different cultures, but the most prominent thing that will catch your attention immediately is how similar it is to an Indian street. From paan stalls, small food stalls, and people selling candy floss on the roads to the colorful stores selling desi decor and handicrafts to even the loud crazy drivers to the 300-odd restaurants, this neighborhood is the closest you will get to an Indian set-up outside India.

In terms of food, this is simply the best side of Chicago to try all the different Indian dishes. If you are craving some south Indian then Udupi Palace, Uru-Swati, and Annapurna Simply Vegetarian are popular restaurants where you can gorge on the best veg delicacies. Sukhadia’s is a great place to have Indian desserts, especially their jalebi and kulfi. It is a typically Indian sweet & snack shop which has people coming and going, so it’s not crowded.

2. Schaumburg
Slightly on the outskirts of Chicago, Schaumburg has quickly become one of Chicago’s top-tier suburbs. It is a massive business hub and has headquarters of top American and multinational companies including major IT firms and this is one of the pointers that attracts many people from different parts of the world. Various art museums, Legoland, and even Illinois’ largest Mall, Woodfield Mall are all tourist attractions, and cannot forget the cultural mosaic of diverse restaurants scattered around the area.

Turmerica USA is one of the finest upcoming veg restaurants in the Schaumburg area. The Misal Pav at Tumercia USA is exquisite among other specialties. Sweetgreen is for those who love salads, but if you are looking for snacks, Turmerica USA is best, closely followed by the Mumbai Cafe. Here, you can try specialties like Bombay sandwich and paneer kathi roll. Schaumburg is slowly becoming Chicago’s capital for vegetarian Indian food.

3. North Clark Avenue/ Lincoln Park
Another gorgeous place serving delicious food is Lincoln Park. With the historic and beautiful brick buildings and huge skyscrapers to one side and the Chicago river flowing through the other, there’s a lot to explore in Lincoln Park. The street adjacent to Lincoln Park is North Clark Avenue which houses some of the top veg Indian restaurants in Chicago.

Start your mornings with the crispiest and tastiest dosas at Art of Dosa. This place is just a few minutes away from Lincoln Park. They have a crazy menu of dosa that will keep you coming back for more. What’s more, is that you also have gluten-free vegan options. Bombay Eat/Bombay Wraps is another spectacular place just a few miles away from Lincoln Park. Here, the best dishes are the wraps and rice bowls. They feel like India in a bowl.

Of course, there are many Indian vegetarian restaurants all over Chicago, but these places have a cluster of the best giving you the luxury of having many choices. Visit them today and have a great time!

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